Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Half Price Desserts at Gourmet Boerie

You can satisfy your Gourmet Boerie craving at the bottom of Kloof street in Buitenkloof Studios, complete with free Wifi, and traditional boerewors packs and other delicious merchandise for sale.
The boerie is cooked in the traditional South African way, by steaming it first, locking in all the juices and then browning it on the grill. There are five different boeries available (traditional, lamb, chicken, beef & ostrich) while white, wholegrain & rye rolls can be chosen. 11 different gourmet boeries can be found on the menu such as The Gorgonzola, The Hangover and Pure Sophistication. All boeries range from R35 – R60.

Desserts at Half-Price

For those out there with a sweet tooth, Gourmet Boerie have something special for you. During the month of September all desserts are available at half price – a few of them pictured below!
Directions to Gourmet Boerie
Shop No 5, Buitenkloof Studios
8 Kloof Street
Western Cape
Tel: 021 424 4208

Source: http://www.food-blog.co.za/half-price-desserts-at-gourmet-boerie/

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