Monday, March 19, 2012

Spur Burger Special

It's Monday! Well most people hate Mondays. I love Mondays, cause that means buy one get one free burger at Spur. This has been going on for a while now, and I never blogged about it. So here is the special in Spur's own words:

Spur’s original Beef, Chicken, Rib, Soya and Texan Blaze Burgers have embarked on a nationwide campaign to be FREE on Mondays! They are rallying for your support; assuring great rewards for those who give evidence on their behalf!

Come to your local Spur on a Monday and buy any single Original Spur Beef, Chicken, Rib, Soya or Texan Blaze burger and get another of the same free! Take full advantage of this great offer by adding one of these famous Spur sauces:

Burger Sauce R6.95 Gourmet Sauce R9.95

Burger Sauce:
• Monkey Gland
• Texan-Chilli
• Garlic
• Peri-Peri
• Cheese
• Mushroom
• Pepper
• Hawaiian

Gourmet Sauce:
• Cheddamelt
• Peppermelt
• Goodie

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