Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sapphire Cocktail Bar

Sapphire Cocktail Bar, is dong a half price seafood and cocktail specials, everyday, untill 7pm. Or in there own words:

We have extended our Seafood selection to offer everything you could think of from crayfish, to mussels, tempura prawns, oysters, kingklip bites and everything in between. Our cocktails are diverse and delicious and will bring back that Summer feeling.. ALL AT HALF PRICE!! That's 50% off, the full amount divided by 2, two quarters or however you want to word it, it's a GREAT deal!!

This place has a stunning view over Camps Bay, and has some stunning waitresses, going by there website:

The Promenade, Camps Bay, Cape Town
Tel: 021 438 1758

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