Thursday, August 18, 2011

Golden Fish Buffet Blouberg

I have been to this sushi heaven many times now, and it is without a doubt the best sushi all you can eat restaurant in Cape Town. Situated in Blouberg, you have fairly nice view, if you sit at the right place.

It's best to sit at the conveyer belt, and they do all sushi and even tempura prawn. Prices:

Monday to Thursday: R99
Friday to Sunday: R120

Well worth the visit.


  1. I have just been told that the Golden Fish burnt down over the weekend.

    Is that true?

  2. no still there and functioning

  3. The best Sushi Buffet in Cape Town.

  4. What a dissapointment...... The sushi was let down by the cheap and nasty soy sauce that accompanied it. The pecan nut chicken was terrible - I think I need to send them a recipe. The sweet and sour pork was mediocre and the sizzling beef was burned beyond recognition. At over R200 per person I left feeling like I have been raped. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favour and don't go there

  5. 2015 ... Sundays... what are the buffet prices?

  6. Golden fish has by far the best sushi in blouberg, unfortunately they are very busy on weekends but that is because of how much they offer in their buffet special....which I cannot find anywhere (not including any postings before 2015) much is their special?????