Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Active Sushi

Here is a place I have heard about every time, I discuss the topic of sushi with my friends. Active Sushi, based in the cbd, this sushi restaurant does real good sushi, or so I have heard.

They do a all you can eat for R109, and lunch time specials. For more info check there website, http://www.activesushi.com/. Or just see the space below:

Monday to Saturday

Open from 11:00am

(Kitchen closes at 10:30pm)

Eat as much as you like for R109

Booking Essential
Special includes Sashimi, Nigiri & Roses &
not applicable for delivery

63 STRAND ST - CAPE TOWN - Tel: 0214220462


Thanks Fuzzy for the e-mail.

UPDATE (16/08/11): So, Saturday I went to Active Sushi, and it was great! The sushi is good quality, and unlike most all you can eat, it is not a buffet style scenario. You can actually order from a waiter, and he will bring the sushi to you, as many times as you like. I like!

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