Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blowfish Winter Specials

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UPDATE: Last night I went to blowfish for there sushi special. The place was not at full capacity, but it was busy, much more than usual. This put a lot of strain on the good service, as I rated before and our waiter gave us some of the worst service I have ever received.

Now back to the special. The half price sushi is only on the conveyor belt, not on the menu. So you have to go and fetch your sushi from the conveyor belt and bring it to the table yourself. Not fun, considering the place is quite packed.

The sushi though was very very good, and I will go as far as stating it is the best sushi I have had in Cape Town. Good variety, and with the 50% off, very well worth the price.

Just go early and get a seat at sushi bar, don't bother getting seating at a table.

UPDATE (20/07/11): So the last three Wednesday evenings I have been at Blowfish for the half price sushi, and the variety of sushi on the belt, has gone down, allot. The selection was limited to about 10 different selection of sushi s. Not fun. All the nice stuff, has been taken of the belt and we are only left with basic sushi. I will not be going again.

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